An Overwatch bug appears to be penalizing players in the competitive queue, deducting skill rating points (SR) even when the game explicitly tells those players they can leave penalty-free.

In Overwatch's competitive mode, being down a player is an almost insurmountable handicap. To save players from facing that 5-v-6 for the full duration of a match, the game allows the remaining players to leave a match without penalty after waiting a short interval.

Players have reported for more than two years that this system occasionally makes a mistake, deducting 25 SR from those players who leave after the countdown, then placing a further 25 SR penalty on their next result. All told, the bug deducts 50 SR from players that, according to the game's own terms, did nothing wrong.

Blizzard has received reports about the bug since it first appeared more than two years ago. The developer has yet to address it.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard