Overwatch Clip Shows the Broken Power of Friendship

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

An Overwatch clip making its rounds on the Overwatch subreddit showcases a rather broken combination. While combos were meant to be used in the Overwatch meta, some of the basics are the best. Everyone is patiently waiting for any Overwatch 2 news, but in the meantime, there are plenty of players still diving into Overwatch matches.

And if you want to succeed in any competitive game, you need to use these type of combinations.

At the first point on Route 66, the pushing team is about to run into a rather powerful Soldier: 76. With the help from a Nano Boost, Amplification Matrix, and Supercharger, Soldier: 76 absolutely decimated the enemy team. The only thing that was missing was Mercy's staff boost.

But at that point, what are you trying to do? Destroy the enemy team for all time? Combinations like this are rarer than you think as teams will usually save a few ultimates for later fights, as it can be dangerous to use them all at once. But passing up an opportunity like this is too tempting.

Moments like this remind you why Overwatch is such a enjoyable team-based shooter.