Overwatch Comic May Have Revealed Zarya's Design for Overwatch 2

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

The newest Overwatch comic may have revealed the design for Zarya in Overwatch 2. In the New Blood comic, number three of five, Cassidy is looking to recruit a new soldier in Romania.

Dark Horse comic describe the issue, "Cassidy met with Pharah at Helix base to recruit her for Overwatch, but feelings from the past clouded her willingness to join, After a complicated reunion with her mother. Pharah agrees to reconsider where her future lies - where she might achieve her full potential as a hero. Meanwhile, Cassidy has his eyes set on another formidable soldier."

The soldier in question is Baptiste. But that's not the design we want to hear about.

In the last page of the comic, you can see a design of a woman much like Zarya, and the end frame shows that McCree is now after another soldier to recruit.

"Cassidy moves closer to bringing in the next Overwatch hero, though it means following her to the front of a dangerous Warzone, wedged between an Omnic attack and a defenseless village, Cassidy must first convince his newest recruit that Overwatch's cause is one worth fighting for."

The new character is question seems to be Zarya. Her hair seems to be much longer and it's not known whether it's still colored.