Overwatch Competitive Ranks in 2021

Overwatch's competitive mode can now enforce roles.
Overwatch's competitive mode can now enforce roles. / Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Here's what the competitive ranks of Overwatch look like in 2021. But first, let's recap what the competitive mode is to begin with.

Overwatch Competitive Ranks in 2021

Overwatch players must first reach level 25 in order to unlock competitive mode: a game mode where they will play with other players of a similar skill in order to achieve a rank. As of now, players can land in either Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master or Grandmaster rank. After that, they would qualify to be among the top 500 players in their region.

Winning a competitive match gives players competitive points, and the amount of competitive points that they have determines the rank as follows:

  • Bronze 1-1499
  • Silver 1500-1999
  • Gold 2000-2499
  • Platinum 2500-2999
  • Diamond 3000-3499
  • Masters 3500-3999
  • Grandmaster 4000+

Despite technical issues affecting competitive mode at the end of Season 26, as of now the servers are running smoothly. Overwatch players can choose between open role queue or role queue. The first one means they would have to choose tank, damage or support as a role, then stick to heroes in that role for the rest of the match. Open queue offers more flexibility, and players can choose any role they wish in that model.

Certain roles (particularly tank and support) award players by giving them a loot box for playing in the role given that it is not as popular as DPS. The role system has been praised by players, but others have found it to be limiting in terms of team composition.