Overwatch content creator DarwinStreams shared their latest work, "Ana Sleep Practice," with the Overwatch subreddit Thursday.

In "Ana Sleep Practice," Overwatch players spawn in as Ana in the Hanamura last point defenders spawn. Using the "Hello" command teleports them to the last point, where they can begin training.

To make the training effect, DarwinStreams has a bot-controlled enemy Doomfist spawn in at a random location around Ana and attack with his Seismic Slam ability, followed immediately by Rising Uppercut. The Ana player's goal is to hit the Doomfist with Sleep Dart before taking too much damage. The Doomfists continue to spawn one after the other until the player quits the game.

To make the training more easily repeatable, DarwinStreams lowers the cooldown on Ana's Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade while bumping her health up to 800.

Although the practice is built for a single person, there must be a player on the enemy team for the mode to work.

The game mode is available with the code REX9G or through DarwinStreams' Reddit post.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard