Overwatch D.Va Player Nabs a Six-Kill, Four-Hero Wombo Combo, Remech Play of the Game

"Imagine you didn’t get play of the game."
"Imagine you didn’t get play of the game." / Photo courtesy of robinthebourgeoisie, Blizzard

Overwatch is a game that has shown time and time again that when players work together, some special things can happen.

Well that principle definitely held true in this pretty insane team wipe clip posted on the r/Overwatch Subreddit by u/robinthebourgeoisie, who put D.Va's Call Mech damage buff from April 2021 to fantastic use.

On Oct. 25, some Overwatch history was made apparently by robinthebourgeoisie, who generated one of the wildest clips you'll see after a "full day of grinding" for it with a five-stack.

The destruction took place in a Quick Play match of Control on the Lighthouse stage of Ilios.

With all six of the enemy players on the point, and robinthebourgeoisie seemingly just having burnt their Self-Destruct, the baby D.Va runs into the heart of the hostile Control point.

Immediately after, Ana uses their Nano Boost on the baby D.Va, Zarya pins down the enemy team with their Graviton Surge and Mercy increases robinthebourgeoisie's damage with their Caduceus Staff to top it off.

Just as the enemy Reaper begins to realize what's going on and burns their Death Blossom, robinthebourgeoisie uses their Call Mech ability and lights up the kill feed.

Fittingly enough, robinthebourgeoisie and their squad also ended up getting rewarded with a High Score Play of the Game for their efforts, showing the lobby just how exactly the six-kill, four-hero remech Wombo Combo was made possible.

In the Reddit thread — which has since amassed over 6,000 upvotes, four Helpful Awards, five Wholesome Awards, three Silver Awards, four Hugz Awards, a Bravo Grande! Award and one I'll Drink to That Award — robinthebourgeoisie explained the specifics of the play.