Blizzard released a developer update video Thursday addressing the upcoming Summer Games event and the next Overwatch hero, Hero 31.

According to game director Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard has detached itself from the release schedule Overwatch fans have tracked and used to predict when new content will arrive.

As a result, Summer Games will arrive earlier than the expected August start time. Additionally, the event will include weekly challenges in the same vein as the Baptiste Reunion event and the D.Va Nano-Cola event. Players will be able to unlock a different Epic skin each week of the event.

Hero 31 will also arrive later than fans predicted, though Kaplan fed the flames of speculation by revealing that the character will be male.

Kaplan went on to address the new subtitles feature and cheat detection, both of which will continue to see improvement. Cheat detection in particular will soon begin incorporate technology to immediately end matches in which cheating is detected. Players in those matches will not be penalized regardless of their team.

Though Thursday's update was shorter than is typical, Kaplan assured fans more would be on the way.

"Don't worry," he said, "there are more [developer updates] coming very, very soon."

Photo courtesy of Blizzard