Overwatch Developers Discuss How Junker Queen is Different From Other Tanks


Overwatch 2 is on the horizon with an Oct. 4 release date, but the developers have been providing fans with plenty of content to keep players satisfied until then.

Blizzard has released multiple trailers, an open beta (another one will be coming out on June 28) and Blizzard has announced and showcased multiple new heroes. Every returning hero in Overwatch will also be receiving new designs and reworks to help make the game feel fresher and provide players with a similar, but new experience.

The most recent hero announcement showed off a brand new tank hero inspired by Junkrat's map Junkertown. The hero goes by the name Junker Queen and was officially announced in a trailer, right after the character was teased in an animated short released on June 16.

What makes Junker Queen unique from other tanks, is she is fully designed to be an offensive tank. Her kit involves a pump shotgun and an axe that is used to power through enemies and deal lots of damage. In a recent interview, Developer Jacob Rodriguez said that "She’s kind of tanky-dps".

This is a significant departure from the standard Overwatch tank, which is designed to be able to take lots of damage and defend other teammates from opponents. Reinhardt, Orissa, D.va, Winston, Sigma, and Zarya all have some type of shield that helps defend other players, so seeing such a drastic departure will be refreshing for tank players who grow tired of playing defense.

With the second beta only a day away, players will be able to get their hands on Junker Queen and see how her unique playstyle compares to the traditional Overwatch tanks.