Overwatch Devs Give Update on Future Patch after Experimental Update

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch developers disappointed fans this past Monday with news on the next patch, following an experimental update to the game led by content creators.

After a lack of content in November, developers introduced an update to some of the game's champions, with changes designed by three streamers, Flats, Violet, and Somjuu.

The patch included ridiculous buffs to Lucio’s Sound Barrier, improvements to Doomfist, changes to Zenyatta, and more. It was well-received by most Overwatch players, and many wanted to see the changes go live. However, according to Blizzard Developer and Community Manager Andy B. on the Blizzard Forums, we shouldn't expect these changes to be published to the full game anytime soon.

“We did discuss the possibility of any of these changes sticking around with Geoff [lead designer]. That shouldn’t be seen as a tacit promise or even a statement of desire that we want to keep any of the changes,” he said.

Andy B. followed up on the comment to explain that the process to implement the changes would take time and plenty of testing. “To provide some additional clarity: in our discussion, even a small amount of consideration was heavily caveated by the phrase ‘we’d need to really test the numbers to even consider it.” He added.

While this means we won't be getting these changes provided by Flats, Violet and Somjuu anytime soon, it doesn't guarantee we'll never see them. With how successful the experiment was, Blizzard will have definitely taken notice and want to pursue a similar project again for Overwatch in the future.