Overwatch DPS Tier List October 2021

Here's our picks for the best and worst damage-dealers in Overwatch this month.
Here's our picks for the best and worst damage-dealers in Overwatch this month. / Activision Blizzard

Overwatch 2 is right around the corner if developer highlights are any indication. Recently, players have had the opportunity to check out two reworks in the DPS category that left jaws on the floor. This has led to heavy speculation on how the meta will change for damage-dealers going forward. Fortunately, we don't have to worry about massive overhauls just yet.

Here's our picks for the best and worst damage-dealers in Overwatch this month.

Overwatch DPS Tier List October 2021

S Tier

  • Cowboy
  • Tracer
  • Genji

Each of these characters has made a name for themselves in the S Tier—but not for similar reasons.

Cowboy remains at the top of the DPS tier as a good all-rounder with solid stats, abilities, and playstyle. Truthfully, all players need to play this hero well is a little micromanaging and the reaction speed to make every bullet count.

Tracer is one of the rare heroes in Overwatch with no skill ceiling. Her kit is open-ended and wild, making her extremely annoying to deal with and exhilarating when you're behind the wheel. She's among the most mobile on the roster—contested almost exclusively by Lucio—so when she's not purposefully in your line of fire it's almost impossible to land a shot on her. Players find new ways to innovate with her abilities daily.

Genji is a high-risk, high-reward hero who is best played by someone who knows when to get in and went to get out. This can make him deadly in the hands of the right player—which is why he's here. In the hands of a less experienced player, however, he might as well be in the B-Tier.

A Tier

  • Ashe
  • Hanzo
  • Echo
  • Junkrat

Ashe and Hanzo make great sharpshooters that can pick off targets with powerful rounds from afar. Their ultimates have similar pitfalls when it comes to opponents being able to duck out of the way, making them a bit more difficult to master and, occasionally, more suited to a team composition where the tank has more crowd control.

Echo is climbing rapidly as more players learn to appreciate her abilities. Not to mention how genuinely cool it is to be able to morph into any other hero on the map as an ultimate. Echo can replace pretty much any fallen teammate in a pinch and brings a whole new level of nightmare to the opposing team.

B Tier

  • Mei
  • Doomfist
  • Widowmaker
  • Reaper
  • Pharah

Mei, Doomfist, and Pharah are the best of the B's. Mei's crowd control abilities are second to none in the DPS category which can quickly turn her into the director of the match. Doomfist can be lethal when paired with a responsible tank using strategies similar to rush. Pharah, while still situational, can turn some open-air maps into shoot-'em-up arcade games for her player.

Reaper and Widowmaker are less "the worst" and more "the rare." We've been seeing less and less of Reaper, lately, despite his reputation as a tank-eater in some circles. Widowmaker truly only works with compositions that need an extra line of defense to keep the enemy in check. There are few things more worrying than losing track of where the enemy Widow has gone.

C Tier

  • Soldier 76
  • Torbjorn
  • Symmetra
  • Bastion
  • Sombra

Soldier 76, Torbjorn, and Symmetra have had a rough go of it in Overwatch for quite some time. Not even his near-complete rework could help Torbjorn rise from the bottom of the barrel and as much as we're sure Blizzard would love it—Solider 76 is not enough to bring over the player base from Call of Duty. Symmetra, while sporting some of the most incredible skins, falls into the same trap as Apex Legends' Crypto. She's just a bit too cerebral, it seems.

Bastion and Sombra fans won't have to worry about being down here for much longer. Once Overwatch 2 goes live, we expect Sombra to be among the most popular DPS heroes in-game.