Overwatch Echo Abilities: Everything You Need to Know

What could the new Overwatch Hero Echo's abilities be?
What could the new Overwatch Hero Echo's abilities be? / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Echo abilities haven't been revealed yet. The mysterious new Hero has a long history with Overwatch, both in terms of development and story. Echo will be the 32nd Hero for the game. We will report on her abilities as soon as they're known.

Echo was one of the earliest members of Overwatch. After the organization's disbanding, she went into stasis. During the recall, Echo was discovered to be in the payload on Route 66. Our first look at her was in the Reunion short.

Overwatch Echo Abilities: Everything You Need to Know

Echo also appears briefly in the Overwatch 2 announcement cinematic, before having a full backstory video published in anticipation for her release in the game.

Echo was created to carry on the work of one of Overwatch's founders, Dr. Liao. From her lore and design, it seems likely she will be a support Hero. She doesn't look like she's designed for combat. In the Overwatch 2 cinematic, we see Echo fly in and shoot energy bolts at the enemy.

Echo being support will round out the roster, as there are currently eight tank and eight damage Heroes.

UPDATE: Jeff Kaplan revealed Echo's abilities on stream with TimTheTatman Thursday:

Passive (Glide): Echo can glide like Mercy, but falls more quickly and can move horizontally more quickly.
Primary Fire: A three-projectile blast dealing 17 damage per projectile, or 51 damage per blast.
Secondary Fire (Sticky Bomb): Fires six sticky bombs in rapid succession. They deal five damage each on impact, then explode one second later for 30 damage each.
Shift: Launches Echo in the direction of the player's choice, including up.
E (Focusing Beam): Fires a 20-meter beam for 2.5 seconds. Beam deals 50 damage per second until it targets a player or barrier with less than half health. Deals 200 damage per second to players and barriers with less than half health.
Ultimate (Duplicate): Echo transforms into target enemy hero, with 650% ultimate charge rate, allowing her to use their abilities for 15 seconds. Killing Echo in this form will transform her back into her normal self. Cannot target another Echo.