Overwatch Echo Player Backcaps Enemy Spawncampers

Echo "Play of the Game" Animation Still
Echo "Play of the Game" Animation Still / Photo via PlayOverwatch

It's always an absolute delight to be spawn-camped in a quickplay Overwatch match... except it's usually not.

This Echo player turned the tables and took matters into her own hands by completely avoiding the main exit where the enemies were waiting. Instead, she chooses to go around all the chaos by taking a route that loops around the right side of the Eichenwalde map all the way to the payload.

Due to every member of the enemy team firing all of their weapons at the barrier of the spawn door, the player is able to sneak over to the site and capture it without anyone even attempting to stop her until it's too late.

In the clip posted to Reddit, u/rosybreadbox said, "I mean, this is what you get when you spawn-camp the door!"

Not only that but, once the payload is secured, the A-tier character is then attacked by the enemy Moira, but survives that battle with 1 hit point and an extra kill in their KDA.

u/CottonCandy_Eyeballs wrote in a comment, "What's really funny is Echo didn't use a stealthy flyover or skirt around high in the air. Just walked to point. A [Reinhardt] could have done this. Enemy team 100% unaware. Hilarious."