Overwatch Echo Role: What Role Will She Be?

Overwatch's Echo's role is still unknown.
Overwatch's Echo's role is still unknown. | Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch's Echo's role has yet to be revealed by developer Blizzard, but fans are already speculating. The hero's power has already been assured by McCree's dialogue in the "Reunion" animated short in which she first appeared ("They want me, but really, they need you."). Will that power be assigned to a damage, support or tank hero?

Overwatch Echo Role: What Role Will She Be?

Several factors could affect Echo's role. One is her character's design. With so slight a frame, it seems unlikely Blizzard would make her a full tank — tanks tend to be on the larger side. Even Overwatch's off-tanks like Zarya are larger than the vast majority of damage and support heroes.

With tank ruled out, that leaves damage and support. Either is on the table. Yet another female hero would disappoint some fans, but in some ways it seems the more likely option. Overwatch has more damage heroes than it does tank and support heroes combined, so Blizzard could use Echo as another support hero to continue to balance the scales.

On the other hand, the last damage hero to join the Overwatch cast was Ashe, released all the way back in November 2018. Since her release, Blizzard has added Baptiste (a support) and Sigma (a tank) to the game. It may be time for a new damage hero.

Blizzard will likely reveal more details about Echo's role as her unannounced release date approaches.

UPDATE (1:08 p.m. ET 3/19): Jeff Kaplan and TimTheTatman revealed Echo will be a DPS hero.