Overwatch Exploit Lets Any Hero Reach High Ground on King's Row Attack Side

Finally Ana can have the high ground.
Finally Ana can have the high ground. / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

On King's Row in Overwatch, split pushing out of the spawn is one of the best ways the attacking team can kick off the match.

By simply taking on angles from various points of verticality, attackers can make easy work of King's Row's condensed starting defensive hold and promptly make their way to the Control point.

Thankfully with this strat, even the most grounded heroes can reach one of the highest of vantage points in the game perfect for this situation.

Originally posted on Reddit in July 2019, u/MuriloLemos demonstrated just how effective some unspoken tricks of the trade can truly be, even years down the line.

It turns out that in addition to going on to remain one of Overwatch's best healers, Baptiste can help his teammates out even before the game starts.

Taking full advantage of Baptiste's Exo Boots, players in the attacker spawn of King's Row can simply boost jump all the way up, switch to their desired character and then land on the platform.

Outside of those who mainly play open queue, keep in mind that since the release of this thread, the role queue revamp limits this method to just Support heroes in those matches. Nevertheless, having the likes of Ana or Moira start off from the top rope should still catch opposing players off guard and generate some initial confusion in the comms of enemy teams.

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