Overwatch Fan 3D Prints Lucio's Sonic Amplifier for a Christmas Gift

What an incredible replica
What an incredible replica | Photo Courtesy of u/DDoom3099 on Reddit

The Overwatch community has a long history of creating incredible cosplays, replicas, and content. Something about the bright, colorful, and engaging characters has attracted a mass of people to continue to engage with the game years after its release, even while Overwatch 2 is on the way. User u/DDoom3099 created a full-size replica of Lucio’s sound amplifier

Overwatch Fan 3D Prints Lucio's Sonic Amplifier for a Christmas Gift

The best part of this replica is that it’s actually a Christmas gift, u/DDoom3099 wrote in their Reddit post that “I made my best friend a replica for Lucio’s sound amplifier for Christmas!” Not only did DDoom3099 go through the trouble of making an incredible replica from Overwatch, but they are also giving it away. For DDoom’s sake let’s hope that their friend has an equally incredible gift.

Judging from the comments where DDoom goes into a little more detail on the replica, it seems like this is a 3D printed model that was painted and put together by DDoom. This post on thiniverse.com, details every piece that went into the replica, more than 40 different printed pieces came together to create that Christmas gift. And while it is not displayed in the Reddit post, it looks as if the replica can light up as well.

Lucio has been one of the most popular Overwatch characters for cosplayers. In the past there has not been a wealth of options for PoC cosplayers to draw on, Overwatch has bucked the trend in character design that was dominant in the game’s industry for decades past and has released a diverse roster of characters, much to the joy of cosplayers everywhere. With the popularization of 3D Printing, we have also seen cosplays increase in quality, hopefully, both of these trends will continue onward into the future.