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Overwatch Fan Adds Warframe-Style Movement Through the Workshop

An Overwatch fan has recreated Warframe's movement abilities in Overwatch's Workshop.

Overwatch fan u/Fotomik has used the new Workshop feature to add a plethora of new movement options to the game, making it play like popular third-person shooter Warframe.

Warframe is known for its movement, which lets players sprint, slide, cling to walls and enter bullet time for dramatic flying kills. Fotomik approximates many of these movement options in Overwatch with aplomb.

In the demo video posted to Reddit, Fotomik shows off functional sprinting, sliding with the character Ashe. Also available in the mode is the ability to launch yourself forward with a so-called bullet jump. Fotomik wrote in a comment that they may add a wall hang to the mode as well, to make the facsimile that much closer.

Players can try out the Workshop creation for themselves using the code SWRKT, or by checking out Fotomik's post on the Overwatch subreddit.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard