Overwatch Fan Comes Up With Amazing Genji Skin Idea

Genji shark skin fan concept
Genji shark skin fan concept / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

A Chinese Overwatch fan has come up with an amazing skin concept that turns Genji into a sleek shark, just in time for the Summer Games event.

Every year during Summer Games, Overwatch players are treated to a selection of Olympic-themed skins for their favorite characters. Although no one knows what the skins this year will look like, there are always plenty of fanmade concepts for players to feast their eyes on. One particularly impressive concept this year was created by the Chinese fan Ashen Wu.

Overwatch Fan Comes Up With Amazing Genji Skin Idea

Ashen Wu, a Chinese concept artist, originally posted his skin idea on the social media website Weibo. In his artwork, Genji wears a full set of blue-and-white shark armor, complete with a tail stretching out from his helmet and fins on his arms. Genji's sword and shurikens are also adorned with shark fin motifs. It all comes together to transform Genji into a dangerous underwater predator.

The skin concept received more attention when Overwatch insider Naeri reposted the art to Twitter, giving global players a chance to see an amazing concept. Many players expressed wishes for Blizzard to implement the skin in-game. "Blizzard should have a contest where people can make a skin for each hero, let the public vote, and the winners get their skins added to the game," said Twitter user The_Sould_Of_Cinder.

A skin like this would surely be a major hit if Blizzard decided to add it to the game, but for now, players can look forward to what they have in store for the 2021 Summer Games event. There are sure to be lots of great skins, shark-themed or not, to come.