An Overwatch fan compiled more than 40 Doomfist bugs on a Reddit post. Much like the famous Mordekaiser League of Legends Reddit post, which had hundreds of bugs listed, Doomfist seems to be the worst one when it comes to Overwatch.

The list is graded on how much the bug effects gameplay and the likelihood of the bug replicating.

The list is absurd with many game-breaking bugs that effect reload speed, accuracy with rocket punches, and terrible mechanics when fighting certain enemies like D.Va.

Overwatch had a tough 2018 when Blizzard introduced GOATs and nothing else, and the content seemed to slow to a trickle for Overwatch. That seems to be explained with the plans to introduce Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon later this year. While Jeff Kaplan and his team were one of the more interactive development studios in video games, you could definitely tell they were distracted by something.

It's no surprise that Doomfist has so many bugs with how busy Blizzard is and Overwatch fans will have to deal with the lackluster content until a patch update.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard