An Overwatch fan compiled a massive amount of working Overwatch Workshop codes on one google document. In the latest Overwatch update that saw the Overwatch Anniversary event go live, Blizzard also moved the Overwatch Workshop from the PTR to live servers.

Overwatch Workshop has been the best addition to Overwatch in years and may help with the decreasing number of players.

And instead of having to keep the codes yourself or browse Reddit for new codes, you can check the sheet to find them! It categorizes the codes by game modes, so it's easy to traverse.

Overwatch as a whole has had some big changes to the PTR as well with McCree receiving a sizable buff. McCree's primary fire recovery was reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.4 seconds, as Overwatch developer Blizzard wanted to buff his damage output without changing the number of shots necessary to kill an enemy.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard