Overwatch Fan Creates a Combo Highlight Intro

An Overwatch fan created a combo highlight intro showcasing what the system could look like if Blizzard ever introduced the product. While Overwatch touts itself as a team game, the Play of the Game can sometimes focus too heavily on an individual instead of a group effort.

Most PotGs are set up by multiple teammates and everyone knows the pain of landing a perfect Earthshatter to then watch a Reaper or a Hanzo clean up the kills with their ultimate. And who wins the PotG? Usually, the damage dealers. Players have pleaded for Blizzard to make some type of shared PotG, rewarding team play more and even highlighting better plays.

So Owlero decided to help Blizzard out by basically doing some of the legwork for them and showing them how to to formulate a possible shared PotG. While it's only the intro portion, it should be enough to give Blizzard some ideas. It would be even more amazing to see two characters interacting with one another on the same screen, like if D.Va and Sombra took a selfie together.

We could only dream, but maybe it will happen for Overwatch 2?