Overwatch Fan Creates a Pink Ana Skin Concept

Ana was released in late 2017
Ana was released in late 2017 / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

An artist by the name of Eva Cringle, also known as Evanyla, created a Pink Ana Breast Cancer awareness skin concept similar to the game’s already existing Pink Mercy skin in Overwatch.

The Pink Mercy skin is one of the more iconic skins in the game, and it has been since its release in 2018. The rarity combined with the overall look of the skin makes it one of the more sought out after skins in the game.

At $15, the Pink Mercy Skin had 100 percent of its proceeds donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by Blizzard — helping the fight against Cancer.

Using the already existing Captain Amari Ana Legendary skin, Evanlyna made their own rendition of the skin. They combined both Pink Mercy colors while using the infrastructure of the Captain Amari skin.

In the original Reddit post, Evanyla went on to explain where they drew inspiration for the concept.

“I made this last year to try and cope with my mother’s second cancer diagnosis. Ana is my comfort character and her motherly nature makes me feel safe,” Evanyla stated. “It helped me to imagine someone making me feel calm back then. It’s been a few years since the first diagnosis but we won’t give up fighting.”

The concept art post garnered a lot of attention on the Overwatch official subreddit.