Overwatch Fan Creates Amazing Concept for Junkertown Queen

An Overwatch fan created an amazing concept for Junkertown Queen. The artist has multiple skins and angles to show off the Queen of Junkertown.

The concept doesn't have any abilities listed, just the character model and skin theme. Obviously, Junkertown is a post-apocalyptic world and the Queen fits that theme. She has one shoulder with spikes while the other has a bouquet of feathers.

With dual wielding saw-axes, it would be interesting to see if the Queen would be some type of melee character. Or she could throw them and they could be pulled back by chains or a magnet. The Queen has been teased since Junkertown was first introduced, but has yet to make it on the roster. And she may be higher on the list since Blizzard has teased multiple characters since the map was first released.

Whether or not she will be playable anytime soon or maybe be saved for Overwatch 2, the concept is still fantastic and would be a welcome addition to the game. Having another unique melee hero would change things up and maybe even shift the meta.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard