Overwatch Fan Creates Ghost Hunt in Overwatch Workshop

An Overwatch fan created a master piece using Overwatch Workshop. They posted the code and video on Reddit.

You are either Mei hunting down ghosts which are played by Miora.

Here is the description of the game mode.

"The game is composed of two teams: Mei (the hunter) and Moira (the ghost). Mei's goal is to kill Moira, while she try to survive until the end of the round. The twist is that Moira is an invisible ghost. To find her, Mei must use her HUD, track footprints in the form of clouds, and listen to the noises. She can use her weapon to reveal Moira - by hitting her - before trying to freeze her or kill her.

The objective of the game is to win as many points as possible, until you exceed the objective, by killing or staying alive (as Moira)."

The game code is YF03K.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard