Overwatch Fan Creates Mercy and Alien Crossover Skin

An Overwatch fan created a Mercy and Alien crossover skin and its pretty bonkers.

Artist Cristina Koenig showed off the amazing piece online.

Overwatch has plenty of new skins and tries to create unique ones as well. The Overwatch League partnered together with Overwatch to make a "Flying Ace" Winston skin.

The skin transforms Winston into a World War 2-era fighter pilot. He wears tiny, circular sunglasses, goggles, a flight cap, and a flight suit. His jump pack is replaced by what appears to be a small airplane.

The skin is generally colored according to the light blue and orange of the London Spitfire, with a darker cyan on the arms. On either shoulder Winston sports the London Spitfire with a star above it, indicating its championship victory.

Photo courtesy of Artist Cristina Koenig