Ever since B.O.B. first appeared in the Reunion animated short, Overwatch fans have clamored to be allowed to play as the omnic butler. When Ashe was revealed to summon B.O.B. with her ultimate, that furor only grew.

Now, at long last, players can make that dream a reality — sort of. Overwatch Workshop creator u/Gbeast71 shared their take on a playable B.O.B. to Reddit on Thursday, where the community greeted it with rapturous praise.

In Gbeast71's Frankenstein of a creation, players play as B.O.B. first by playing as Ashe. Then, when they call in their ultimate and summon B.O.B., rather than stand by as he fires on his own, players step into his shoes as he charges forward and starts shooting.

During the charging animation, the player is actually a charging Reinhardt copying B.O.B., and when the shooting starts they transform into a Tactical Visor-using Soldier: 76 with a massive health pool of 1,200, lowered fire rate, and increased damage and length to simulate B.O.B.'s auto-aim.

When the ultimate ends, the player is teleported back to wherever they were as Ashe when they activated it.

Gbeast71's creation is nothing if not creative, and players can try it out for themselves with the code TRBK1.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard