Overwatch's new Workshop feature has given rise to a wave of creations both impressive and unique. This latest product of the Workshop was made by a player named OrangeUtan, who shared their work on YouTube on Thursday.

OrangeUtan's creation allows players to swap new heroes on the fly in a match not by opening up an entirely new screen, as the game usually does, but instead by manifesting a radial menu with icons for each of Overwatch's heroes. By clicking on any of those icons, the player will instantly transform into that hero.

In their demonstration video, OrangeUtan shows off the feature by seamlessly transforming from Baptiste, to Orisa, to McCree, and finally to Doomfist.

This creation is cool on its own, but it would really start to shine when combined with a game mode that encouraged fast hero swapping. Knowing Overwatch's community, such a game is likely already in the works.

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Photo courtesy of Blizzard