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Overwatch Fan Creates Salt-Based Rage Quit Controller

This Overwatch fan has created a controller to let players rage quit using literal salt.

One particularly crafty Overwatch fan has designed a controller that allows players to instantly rage quit the game by pouring salt into a glass of water.

Reddit user u/insertcontrollerhere has a history of designing unique controllers for different video games, but this latest creation seems to have struck a chord with the Overwatch community.

This salt controller places detectors on the glass in question to measure the electrical resistance in the water. As salt is added to the water, the resistance rises, and when it meets a certain threshold the controller sends an automatic command to the PC or console to quit the game.

A video demonstration posted to Insert Controller Here's YouTube channel shows that the controller actually works in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and League of Legends in addition to Overwatch — though Overwatch is the only game in which it will spam "I need healing!" before quitting out.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard