Overwatch Fan Creates Sigma VR Simulator Experience

An Overwatch fan created a virtual reality simulator surrounding the newest hero in the game: Sigma.

The simulator, demonstrated in a trailer from the creator @OrgadArbel on Twitter, shows off the VR experience where players have full control of Sigma's abilities. Players can test out his Hyper Spheres, Accertion and more in the simulator.

Take a look at the trailer.

Overwatch Fan Creates Sigma VR Simulator Experience

The trailer shows two gloves using the tank hero's different abilities. Overwatch fans with VR equipment would be silly to miss out on trying this. The skills are demonstrated on Tracer dummy statues as well.

Here's the list of abilities according to the creator:

  • Hyper Spheres (right grab grip on Oculus)
  • Accertion (right grab on Oculus)
  • Gravitic Flux (X on Oculus)
  • An original force pull ability (Y on Oculus)

The creator also hinted at doing more Overwatch VR simulators in the future. Let them know what future heroes you'd like to see in VR.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard