Overwatch Fan Creates the 'Overdex’ a Combination of Overwatch and Pokémon

An Overwatch fan posted its creation on Reddit. Owlero uploaded a short video to the Overwatch subreddit introducing the Overdex on Aug. 24.

The video is rather short, but it's an incredible mashup of two different types of games.

The video only shows the heroes from 004-007. You only get to see Tracer, Reaper, Winston, and Widowmaker. The best part is the video gives them "types" like in Pokémon. Widowmaker is Poison, Winston is Electric/Fight, Reaper is Dark/Ghost, and Tracer is Electric/Normal.

Just like the game, the Dex lists the order of heroes by numbers, and creation shows 004 through 007, which includes four of the most popular Overwatch heroes. 

Overwatch creative juices have been flowing since the inclusion of the Workshop mode. Fans make amazing games or different styles in this workshop. You can try all different things and even experiment on different techniques.

Photo courtesy of Owlero