Overwatch fan and Workshop maestro DarwinStreams has done it again. Continuing his run of Torbjörn-related shenanigans, Darwin has put together Torbjörnball, a basketball take off using Torbjörn as the ball.

Overwatch players play as Pharah on a half court based at the last point of Numbani. They use secondary fire to pick up Tobrjörn, hold primary fire to charge their shot, and release to shoot. They can also use melee to steal Torbjörn from other players or Pharah's Jump Jet to get some air.

Scoring is the same as in basketball, with a three-point line included on the map. Players can see their scores displayed on either side of the basket.

To set up a game, players only need to input the code (4QGEH), add a Torbjörn bot to the second slot of Team 1, and find someone to play against.

In the future, DarwinStreams plans to build a full court version of the game mode.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard