Overwatch Fan Discovers Sombra Easter Egg

A new Sombra Easter egg was discovered Friday.
A new Sombra Easter egg was discovered Friday. | Courtesy of Blizzard

After four years of exploration, one would expect Overwatch players to have picked the game clean of Easter eggs. What could possibly be left to discover, especially now that the introduction of new heroes has stopped completely?

Overwatch player and subreddit user u/Owlero proved those doubts unfounded Friday, when they posted footage of a previously unknown Easter egg tied to Sombra.

As Overwatch's resident hacker, Sombra have many unique interactions with the game's various in-game environments, particularly when it comes to technology. This Easter egg, found on Blizzard World, is another example of her abilities of technological manipulation.

Normally, when a hero approaches the Azmodunk basketball shooting gallery in the second section of Blizzard World, the machines will stay off. But when Sombra approaches, her purple skull icon will appear on their displays, followed by a maxed-out score of 9,999.

The joke is a small one, but it's a detail that perfectly matches Sombra's personality, and it's remarkable that it's lain hidden for so long.