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Overwatch Fan Discovers Unreleased D.Va Emote Out of Mech

An Overwatch player discovered a never-before-seen D.Va emote in the game's coding.

D.Va, one of the game's most popular characters, pilots a mech in-game while also having a "baby" form if the robot is destroyed. All of her emotes incorporate her mech... except for this recently discovered unreleased one.

YouTuber GRZ NGT found the emote in Overwatch's files and recreated it outside of the game. Check it out.

Overwatch Fan Discovers Unreleased D.Va Emote Out of Mech

The video, which GRZ NGT put together by taking the emote's code in the game and re-purposing it, shows baby D.Va dancing outside of her mech. The dance has heavy K-Pop influence to it as well. Dancing outside of her mech is something fans have been clamoring for considering all of her emotes are in her mech.

It's unclear why the emote's code is the game's files if it hasn't been released yet. Maybe it'll be released during a later event, but it made sense for it to come out during the last Anniversary event.

Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment