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Overwatch Fan Makes D.Va Motion Controller

An Overwatch fan by the name of Medist has created his own motion controllers to play as D.Va.

The motion controllers were made by wiring an Arduino Leonardo through the cases of two different controllers, which would be modeled after D.Va's pilot controls. The Arduino board would input keyboard and mouse signals to the computer, allowing Medist to map his own triggers and buttons onto his controllers as keyboard inputs. He also attached gyro sensors to his controllers so that he would able to use motion controls to move his character. The movements that he makes with his controllers very closely resemble the movements that D.Va makes in-game.

Making creative controllers is not something foreign to Overwatch's community. Several fans of the game have created even more outlandish controllers than what Medist has made for D.Va. Some examples include using Wii Fit dumbbells to play as Zarya, using a DJ Hero turntable to play as Lucio, and even using a Nerf bow and a Dance Dance Revolution pad to play as Hanzo.

Although Medist's motion controllers for D.Va seem to be a bit clunky and difficult to use, it's amazing to see so much effort being put into a creative project.

Photo Courtesy of Medist

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