Overwatch Fan Showcases an Amazing Widowmaker Trick

An Overwatch fan showcases an amazing Widowmaker trick that has been used by the professionals in the Overwatch League.

Widowmaker is known for flashy plays and pinpoint accuracy, but you can also be a cerebral player while playing the sniper.

The play is quick, so watch closely.

At certain doorways and height levels, you can use your own Venom Mine to block angels from enemy snipers. In the clip, the enemy Widowmaker protected herself with her own mine which blocked the first shot.

This allowed her to line up a shot and take the duel. To play Widowmaker, you need to constantly change your way of attack and move around the map. If you're too predictable, you'll get caught out or sniped by the enemy Widowmaker.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard