Overwatch Fans Create Cosmetic Concept for the D.Va Summer Games Skin

Some Overwatch fans are flexing their creative muscles ahead of the Summer Games event this year.
Some Overwatch fans are flexing their creative muscles ahead of the Summer Games event this year. / Blizzard Entertainment

Some Overwatch fans are flexing their creative muscles ahead of the Summer Games event this year.

While some may think that the Overwatch Summer Games is mostly about the physical mini-games Blizzard launches every year—we know better. It's all about the cosmetics showcasing our favorite heroes enjoying some fun in the sun. A few fans have taken it upon themselves to imagine just how the worldwide team would spend their first summer out of quarantine.

After all, fashion is always the primary endgame content.

"Roller Derby D.va" Summer Games Concept

The "Roller Derby D.va" concept was created by Reddit user melody_rain and published via the official Overwatch subreddit board on Tuesday, July 6.

This skin transforms D.Va from esports star to skating legend, outfitting her in a uniform fitting the hero we know and love. D.va has a black fishnet top underneath and cropped white and pink t-shirt, black rolled shorts with a white stripe down the side, white thigh-high socks with black stripes around the top, and charcoal-gray shin guards. The shirt has an exclamation on the front and "D.Va" on the back with her number, 13—all written in the same pink.

Her gloves, kneepads, and skates feature her trademark pink and periwinkle-blue color scheme with the skates, themselves, keeping a few of the brands D.Va traditionally wears on her mecha-suit—in addition to lighter pink bunny ears sprouting from the tops of the toes.

To round out the look, D.Va wears her hair long and has two streaks of black "war paint" under each eye. Her gun now bears a little roller skate charm from the grip. She also has a pair of band-aids on her upper thigh and forearm from one-too-many skirmishes on the track.

As for her mech, while melody_rain didn't include it in her initial design, other fans have quite a few ideas—namely, user goldsbananas, suggesting it just be a "big rollerskate."

'Lifeguard Mercy' Summer Games Concept

D.Va isn't the only hero to receive a unique fanmade look this season. On Friday, July 2, User sunshxvine took it upon themselves to envision Mercy in a pool-size role she was born to play: a lifeguard.

"Lifeguard Mercy" has this support main in navy low-rise shorts, a pair of matching flip-flops, and a tied off-white and red t-shirt. She has two black straps on either thigh with the left carrying a bottle of sunscreen and the right with what could be a first-aid pack. Additionally, she has a traditional rescue board most likely tied to her hip.

Her wings follow the same color scheme as her shirt along with the top mechanical pieces. The "feathers" cascade down in a paler blue to tie the design together. If fans look closely, they might be able to make out an extra pack strapped to Mercy's back that simply reads "GUARD." Like D.va, Mercy has a band-aid or two to keep a scrape covered while saving her team from certain death in the water. She also has a pair of sunglasses resting on top of her head.

Mercy's weapons mimic the theme we usually see with Summer Games artillery. That is to say: they look like they could be water guns. Her pistol, especially, invokes this aesthetic with its bright colors and bulbous silhouette. Meanwhile, the core of her staff is essentially just one oblong water tank with a spray nozzle at the end.

As a few have already commented: heroes never drown. Not on Lifeguard Mercy's watch.