Overwatch Workshop creators KevlaR and Jinko have teamed up to create an all-new game mode titled Last Man Bouncing.

The new Overwatch mode is a free-for-all where all players play as Reinhardt on a giant, bouncy, deflating balloon. Being knocked off the balloon means death, and the other players in the game are looking to do the knocking. Attacks cause knockback instead of damage, and Charge can be used to recover to the balloon.

Crouching will stop the player from bouncing as high, shielding is replaced with a super fast spin to be used as a taunt and Reinhardt's Earth Shatter is replaced by a temporary buff that makes his attacks stun other players.

Up to 12 players can play at once on any of 12 maps. Check out the game mode, along with its code, here.

KevlaR and Jinko previously made their names in the Workshop community by building McCree Hot Potato and Enhanced Ana Paintball, respectively.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard