Overwatch Female Characters: Every Female Character in the Game

Overwatch female characters are part of its growing diversity, including an array of female characters, characters of color, and showcasing different nationalities and sexualities in its roster.

Here's a list of every heroine available to play in Overwatch.

Every Female Character in Overwatch

1. Lena "Tracer" Oxton

Tracer earned her call sign due to her talents as a pilot. She was eventually tasked with testing Overwatch's next-generation teleporting fighter jet—which went horribly awry. Both she and the plane disappeared only for her to reappear a months later significantly worse for wear. Her molecules had desynchronized from the flow of time which made it difficult for her to keep a physical form. This was remedied by Winston, whom she now shares a close friendship with, in the form of the "chronal accelerator". The device allows her to control the flow of time around her and is the key to her abilities.

Tracer lives in London with her girlfriend, Emily, and is the first of only two LGBT+ characters under Blizzard Entertainment.

2. Hana "D.va" Song

D.va grew up playing video games with her father, a former professional gamer--with her main title being Starcraft. She was a household name in the South Korean esports scene and went on to become a talented mechanic. She was known as a ruthless competitor who would do just about anything to claim victory. Due to her skill in gaming, she was drafted into MEKA—an organization meant to protect South Korea from the omnic threat that kept rising out of the nearby ocean. Her style on the digital battlefield made her an incredibly effective pilot.

D.va likes to rush into battle without fear and enjoys the limelight—often streaming her combat missions for her fans to watch.

3. Angela "Mercy" Ziegler

Mercy is a medical prodigy who became the head of surgery at a prominent Swiss hospital. She pioneered a breakthrough in applied nano-biology—which is what caught the official attention of Overwatch, despite her already existing friendship with the group. Mercy developed the Valkyrie Rapid Response Suit that she wears and has since gone on to heal others around the world.

Mercy has had a hand in the recovery of multiple Overwatch agents including Gerard Lacroix and, most popularly, Genji.

4. Olivia "Sombra" Colomar

Sombra was one of the thousands of children orphaned after the Omnic Crisis. She survived due to her notable talents as a hacker and manipulator, eventually aiding the Los Muertos gang in their revolution against the Mexican government. Sombra realized knowledge was power and sought to know it all. However, she was forced to go into hiding after being discovered. After having her body altered and donning her moniker "Sombra", she was picked up by Talon. Her primary focus is uncovering global conspiracies and corrupted administrations.

In Mexico, Sombra is seen as a Robin Hood-type individual. Her targets include Guillermo Portero and Katya Volskaya.

5. Amélie "Widowmaker" Lacroix

Widowmaker is a Talon assassin who was originally married to an Overwatch agent. She was kidnapped and brainwashed by Talon, breaking her personality and turning her into a sleeper agent with the intention to kill her husband. A short time after she was released, she carried out her programming and returned to Talon—earning her nickname "Widowmaker". The terrorist group continued to work with her and their experiments took a toll on her physiology. Her heartbeat slowed and her skin grew cold, gaining a blue tint.

Widowmaker is responsible for shooting-out Ana's eye and the assassination of omnic monk Tekhartha Mondatta. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

6. Orisa

Orisa is a newly created—only one month old—omnic who was encouraged by her creator to go out and be a hero. She was built by the child genius Efi Oladele from parts of dismantled OR15 defense robots after Doomfist's attack on Numbani. Unlike other robots, Orisa has a distinct personality and seeks to right the wrongs of others in accordance with her sense of honor and duty.

Orisa is also a fan of Lúcio's music.

7. Mei-Ling Zhou

Mei was originally a scientist for Overwatch's climate division, Ecowatch, in Antarctica. Due to low rations and supplies, Mei and her colleagues were forced to go into a cryo-sleep, only for her to come out nine years later as the sole survivor. After receiving a faint signal from Winston due to a damaged radio tower, Mei built a device that creates ice in order to climb the tower and hear the message properly.

Mei now uses that device as her primary source of attack in-game.

8. Ana Amari

One of the founding members of Overwatch and mother of Phara, Ana is an exceptional sniper who hails from a long line of decorated soldiers. She is the one who recognized Widowmaker during a battle and her shock gave the assassin an opening to shoot-out her right eye. Ana allowed the public to believe she was dead after this incident and operated under several aliases, opting to stay out of the conflicts around the world.

Ana often discouraged Pharah from joining Overwatch, to no avail. She remained on active duty through her fifties

9. Satya "Symmetra" Vaswani

Symmetra was only a young girl living in poverty in India when she was taken by the Vishkar Corporation to train as an architect. The corporation had been tasked by the Indian government to create self-sustaining cities for its citizens and sought out those who had the rare talent to use its hard-light manipulation technology. Symmetra was one of the best students in the program. Unlike her peers, Symmetra took a more creative approach to wielding the technology by weaving it into the dance of her homeland.

Symmetra has been confirmed to be on the autism spectrum and believes the real enemy of humanity is disorder.

10. Aleksandra "Zarya" Zaryanova

Zarya was a Russian athlete who joined the army to use her considerable bodybuilding strength to protect the ones she loves. After the assassination attempt on Katya Volskaya, Zarya was contracted to track down Sombra. This lead her to partner with the omnic, Lynx, and the pair eventually ended up in Dorado, Mexico. They battled with Sombra who, when subdued, revealed Katya's secret and hacked Lynx which caused him to collapse. Zarya chose to let Sombra go and save Lynx just as the warehouse base exploded.

Despite having a distrust of all omnics, Zarya agreed to keep Katya's dealings with them a secret for the good of Russia.

11. Moira O'Deorain

Moira is an Irish scientist who specializes in genetic engineering. She has spent her time trying to find ways to rewrite the fundamental building blocks of life at a cellular level. However, her research was deemed dangerous and unethical and eventually shut down. She blames Overwatch in trying to silence her. This didn't stop her, as she was contacted by Blackwatch shortly afterward and performed experiments most notably on Gabriel Reyes—giving him the powers that turned him into Reaper—and continued her work in secret.

She now works with Talon.

12. Fareeha "Pharah" Amari

Pharah is the daughter of Ana, coming from that same long line of soldiers. She has a strong sense of justice and a desire to make the world a better place.

After her mother's "death", she enlisted in the military where she was known as a courage and respected leader. It was expected that she would join Overwatch had the group not disbanded. Pharah went on to work for the private security firm Helix Security International.

Pharah and Ana share the same "Eye of Horus" marking.

13. Brigitte Lindholm

Brigitte is the daughter of Torbjorn and goddaughter of Reinhardt—who actually named her. She is a talented mechanical engineer who specializes in armor and defensive systems. When Reinhardt retired from Overwatch and decided to become a knight-errant and do good around the world, Brigitte asked to join as his squire. Eventually, her duties shifted from repairing Reinhardt's armor and keeping him from over-doing it on the field to taking an active position fighting at his side.

Despite originally trying to dissuade her godfather from answering the call, Brigitte joined Reinhardt and Torbjorn as they returned to Overwatch.

14. Elizabeth Caledonia "Calamity" Ashe

Ashe grew up as part of a wealthy family in the American south-west. Her parents paid little attention to her, leading her to act out and school and spend most of her time practicing her sharpshooting skills. She ran afoul of the law early on and, after a chance meeting with McCree, she became an outlaw and the two formed the Deadlock Gang. Ashe quickly became an infamous career criminal and brought the other local gangs in the area to heel—creating a code of laws for them to follow.

After McCree left the gang to join Overwatch, Ashe placed a picture of his face on the dartboard in her hideout.

Photos and media courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.