Overwatch 'Find a Group' Not Working: Fix Coming 'Next Week'

Overwatch's Find a Group feature is broken on console. Similar problems have arisen in the past, locking players out of the team-finding feature temporarily. Here's what we know about the most recent Find a Group bug.

Overwatch Find a Group Not Working: Fix Coming 'Next Week'

Players began reporting problems with Find a Group earlier this week, following the release of Overwatch Update 1.44. When console players try to open the group finder by pressing 'X' on Xbox One and 'square' on PlayStation 4.

The cause of the bug remains unknown, even after lead software engineer Bill Warnecke weighed in on Reddit.

"Hey there, sorry for this issue," he wrote on the Overwatch subreddit Thursday. "We have a fix that we're hoping to release next week in a bug fix update patch."

Reddit user u/SigmaTheDJ posted a workaround for the bug Thursday.

"On Xbox One at least, if you press the left trigger it brings up the list of LFG groups," they wrote. "I can't confirm whether this also works on PS4, but I suspect it might."

Commenters elsewhere on the subreddit confirmed the workaround to work on PS4.

Overwatch Update 1.44 began the Lunar New Year event Thursday, bringing hero balance changes, a party flex option for role queueing, and several skins.