Overwatch Glass Cannon Best Comp

Overwatch Glass Cannon best team composition for success
Overwatch Glass Cannon best team composition for success / Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Glass Cannon best comp is great to know if you're trying to complete the Uprising Challenges.

While most of these challenges are subject to a plethora of different roster combinations and team compositions for the win, there are some that tend to work better than others. The Glass Cannon challenge features a mechanic where all heroes are turned into "glass cannon" builds—characterized by their low health pool and high damage output. It's up to you to take out your enemies while keeping your team alive.

Overwatch Glass Cannon Best Comp

You're going to need healing, so running with Zenyatta or Mercy would work well here. Moira might work, too, because her healing potential has dominated the meta since her release. Lucio also makes for a decent choice. You're just going to want to pick the best healer who can support the remaining three heroes through the challenge.

One of the bigger tips for completing this challenge is to do away with the glass cannon DPS characters right off the bat. That means your team should have no Tracer, McCree, or Junkrat. Already-existing tanks are the best way to go here.

You should have the highest chance of success running any combination of Reinhardt, Orisa, D.va, Bastion, or Roadhog. You want heroes with big health pools and high defense so they can weather more attacks. It shouldn't all be on your support.

Winston may work here, too, alongside Torbjorn. Again: you're looking for high health and thick skin so when the mechanic comes into effect you won't already have one foot in the grave.