Overwatch Glitch Shoots Roadhog Into Air, Keeps Him Alive

Overwatch Glitch
Overwatch Glitch / Photo courtesy by Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Glitch brings an interesting issue for fans and developers to take a look at.

As Overwatch players compete in any game mode, they still run into interesting issues that are peculiar in certain situations. These glitches can interrupt players from advancing or exploit for a quick victory. This newfound glitch has a player bouncing back onto their feet.

Reddit user Avareese posted an interesting clip on the Overwatch subreddit of two Roadhogs battling it out on Eichenwalde. One gets bopped off the map by Lucio but manages to hook an enemy Roadhog as the players falling. The enemy Roadhog bounces off the falling Roadhog and tries to save the player from death but is too late.

This happened to me about a year ago, looks like it's still not patched

Reddit user Abady66

Another player mentions this situation has happened to them in the past in Nepal, with an enemy Orisa bouncing back to safety from a Roadhog falling to death. This glitch or feature of Roadhog's belly appears to be a rare one and could be affected by two players' hitboxes colliding at high speeds.