Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020: 5 Best New Skins

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020: 5 Best New Skins
Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020: 5 Best New Skins / Courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 included new skins when the annual event launched Oct. 13. It is one of the best themed skins that never fails to get fans get new look for their favorite champions. Although there are quite a handful of new skins this year, some of them top the charts by being spookier and distinct compared to the rest.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020: 5 Best New Skins

1. D.Va: Shin-Ryeong

D.Va: Shin-Ryeong
D.Va: Shin-Ryeong / Courtesy of Blizzard

The long-awaited D.Va Halloween skin is finally here. Inspired by Kumiho, the nine-tailed fox in Korean legend, the Shin-Ryeong skin is an astounding achievement.

2. Sigma: Flying Dutchman

Sigma: Flying Dutchman
Sigma: Flying Dutchman / Courtesy of Blizzard

First of all, Sigma is Dutch. Giving him a Flying Dutchman skin is a perfect collaboration. This is arguably one of the most creative skins in Overwatch. The broken wooden-ship shoulder pads and the skull emblem makes this skin worth to have. If this does not give you the Davy Jones vibe, nothing else will.

3. Echo: Ragdoll

Echo: Ragdoll
Echo: Ragdoll / Courtesy of Blizzard

Echo's Ragdoll skin may be spookiest skin in Overwatch. While this one is free with nine wins between the event timeframe, Ragdoll reminds fans of killer dolls. The design is simple, yet to the point.

4. Winston: Werewolf

Winston: Werewolf
Winston: Werewolf / Courtesy of Blizzard

Transforming wise and smart Winston into a werewolf may not be as spooky as the other Halloween-themed skins. Then again, nobody expected the teenager from the Goosebumps series to morph into werewolf either.

5. Hanzo: Dai-Tengu

Hanzo: Dai-Tengu
Hanzo: Dai-Tengu / Courtesy of Blizzard

The skin looks colorful, sophisticated, neatly-crafted and straight up scary. Even though the demon skin does not loudly scream Halloween, fans will not be disappointed with this Dai-Tengu skin.