Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 Start Date Announced

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 begins Tuesday.
Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 begins Tuesday. | Photo by Blizzard

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event for 2020 begins Tuesday, Oct. 13, Blizzard announced Saturday.

A short teaser posted to Twitter previewed what appeared to be new skins for Winston, D.Va, Sigma, Echo, Brigitte and Sombra set for release in the event. Winston, D.Va and Sigma seem to be the recipients of the event's Legendary skins, while Echo, Brigitte and Sombra will receive Epic skins. The Epic skins will likely be available through in-game challenges, as has become standard for Overwatch events.

Further details about the event remain unannounced, but its likely players will see the return of skins and game modes from years past. Junkenstein's Revenge, a horde mode in which players fight off waves of enemy bots while protecting the door to Eichenwalde's castle, remains a seasonal favorite for Halloween Terror.

Blizzard typically adds some new wrinkle to its seasonal games each year, while preserving previous versions of those games in separate playlists.

Halloween Terror 2020 will run through Nov. 3.