Overwatch Halloween Terror Week 1 Challenges: How to Get Skeleton Genji

Image provided by Blizzard.
Image provided by Blizzard. /

It’s Halloween again in Overwatch, as the Halloween Terror 2021 event kicks off! Week 1 challenges are now live in-game, and players can unlock the Skeleton Genji skin upon completion. 

As with most seasonal Overwatch events, each week is divided into three challenges, yielding rewards that make the grind worthwhile. The challenges will have to be completed within a week timespan to unlock the rewards before the next batch of challenges arrive. 

Overwatch Halloween Terror Week 1 Challenges: How to Get Skeleton Genji

For the first set of challenges, Genji is the featured hero. Every reward in Week 1 can be unlocked simply by playing games, and winning a game will count as two games towards the challenge. Any kind of game mode will do, so long as the player plays and wins.

Here are the Week 1 challenges for this Halloween event, as well as their rewards:

  • Play 9 games - Skeleton Genji Player Icon
  • Play 18 games - Skeleton Genji Spray
  • PLay 27 Games - Skeleton Genji Skin

To take on these challenges, players have from Oct. 12 to Oct. 19 to complete the challenges before Week 2 begins. Once the Week 2 challenges begin, Week 1 will end and Skeleton Genji will no longer be available.

Weeks 2 and 3 will feature Einherjar Zarya and Clown Roadhog, respectively. Each will come with their respective icons, sprays, and skins.

The Halloween Terror 2021 event will run from Oct. 12 to Nov. 2. Week 1 is now available for players.