Overwatch Havana Map: 3 things you should know

Overwatch Havana Map is the site of this year's Archives event, Storm Rising. Players have been eagerly vying for the top score in the new PVE mode, but Havana is expected to join the regular rotation of maps at the end of the event.

As such, here are three things to know about the map:

Overwatch Havana Map is a Hybrid

With the release of the last new Assault map, Paris, Havana will likely appear as a Hybrid map once it reaches the Public Test Region. This is supported by the map layout. The first area consists of city streets that end in an open area, suitable for a point to be taken. The second area is through a warehouse full of flanking routes and high ground overlooking a route for a payload to be pushed through. The final area ends in the center of the castle, the perfect finishing point for a payload.

Overwatch Havana Map is Beautiful Yet Derivative

A quick look around the Havana map and one can see how detailed and beautiful the map is. The houses and castles make for an intriguing battleground. But there are some complaints. The second warehouse area is similar to the second point of Watchpoint: Gibralter in turns of appearance; its also the dullest part of the map. Finally, some players have been looking forward to a more narrow rather than expansive map, a la King's Row. Havana is certainly the latter.

Weather and Time Change

Jeff Kaplan said that before the map hits the PTR, large distilleries will be added to the second area of the map and the "time of day and weather changes" will go through too. We hope these alterations will please players looking for more from Havana.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment