Overwatch Hero 31 is back on the community's mind as a result of game director Jeff Kaplan dropping a scant few details about the character in the developer update released Thursday. Here's what we know so far about the mysterious upcoming character.

Overwatch Hero 31 Release Date

Kaplan revealed two pieces of information about Hero 31 in his brief addressing of the topic. In the developer update, Kaplan stated Blizzard would be slightly behind the schedule players have observed it following for new content releases. As a result, Hero 31 would be arriving later than players likely expected based on previous Blizzard releases.

As Overwatch heroes tend to be released once every four months or so, fans expected Hero 31 in the very near future — likely within July. After Kaplan's statements, the hero may not arrive until August at the earliest.

Overwatch Hero 31 Gender

The other piece of information Kaplan revealed was that Hero 31 would use male pronouns — Kaplan made a point of emphasizing "he" in the video. That would make him the 17th male or male-coded character in the game and the second male character in a row to be reveal following Baptiste in February.

Beyond these two points, we know very little about Hero 31.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard