Overwatch Hero 31's first teaser went live Saturday in the form of an extraordinarily cryptic Twitter video.

The official Overwatch Twitter account uploaded a short video that appeared to show game director Jeff Kaplan addressing "popular topics." Instead, a bizarre visual effect transformed the image of Kaplan into a series of what appeared to be mathematical formulas, with soft piano music playing in the background.

Overwatch Hero 31 Teaser Released

Fans immediately took this video to be a teaser for the upcoming 31st Overwatch hero.

To date, fans have learned an unusual amount about the new hero. After Blizzard released a developer update confirming the hero's gender as male, the official Overwatch World Cup Team Mexico account appeared to leak the hero's name —Sigma — and in-game icon.

Sigma is both a letter in the Greek alphabet and a symbol used in mathematics, providing a bridge between the strange teaser and the hero himself.

Blizzard will likely release more information about the hero in the coming weeks.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard