Overwatch Hero 32: 5 Possible Choices

Overwatch Hero 32 could be anyone, but here are five options that seem more likely than not
Overwatch Hero 32 could be anyone, but here are five options that seem more likely than not /

Overwatch Hero 32 will be the next to join the game's ever-growing roster. Coming on the heels of Sigma, a character that had never appeared in the game's lore in the past, the next hero could be anyone. Here are five options that seem most likely.

1. Mauga

Before Blizzard revealed Sigma as the 31st hero to join the Overwatch lineup, Mauga seemed all but assured of the honor. All signs pointed toward a Talon tank, and he had just played a major role in Baptiste's origin story. It wasn't to be, but Blizzard has confirmed Mauga will one day join the lineup, making him as likely as anyone else to be Hero 32.

2. Echo

Echo first appeared in "Reunion," the animated short that introduced Ashe to the world. Game director Jeff Kaplan was quick to assure fans Echo was on her way to the game, even if Ashe would beat her there. Several months and several hero releases have passed since then, opening the window for Echo to sneak into the game.

3. The Junkerqueen

Ever since players discovered images of the Junkerqueen in Junkertown, they've clamored for her to join the playable lineup. Blizzard has stayed quiet on the prospect, but her claim on the Hero 32 slot remains strong.

4. Sojourn

Sojourn seemed set to be Overwatch's first black woman when she was revealed during the Havana mission, but Blizzard ultimately passed her over. Still, with a voice actor already cast and art out in the world, Sojourn has a solid shot at joining as Hero 32.

5. Mysterious Omnic

In the cinematic outro for the Havana mission from the last Overwatch Archives event, Doomfist could be seen meeting with and recruiting a mysterious Omnic. This character has yet to return, but seems obviously important to the story. The Omnic's addition to Overwatch seems likely — the real question is when that addition can be expected.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard