Overwatch Hero 32: 5 Predictions About Who it Could Be

Overwatch Hero 32 is on everyone's minds as Hero 31, Sigma, joins the game's roster. Players are always looking toward the horizon for new content, so it makes sense Hero 32 is under the microscope. There have been a few hints here and there and many believe an announcement is soon.

According to the list of previous release dates, we could expecting an announcement around November or December. Here's our top five predictions about who Hero 32 could be.

Overwatch Hero 32 Predictions

1. Mauga

Mauga has to be the best bet for Hero 32. He was originally supposed to be released as Hero 31 instead of Sigma, but his archetype didn't fit the image Blizzard wanted to portray, according to Associate Game Designer Joshua Noh. They were looking for a barrier tank hero and the Mauga we know in canon came off as more of a berserker-rage guy. We know that Hero 32 is most likely going to be someone from Baptiste's past — and Mauga is the most popular pick right now. This choice is kind of a no-brainer.

2. "Mohawk Guy"

Fans have been speculating forever about who the "Mohawk Guy" in this sepia photograph revealed during Ana's backstory cinematic. Not much is known about him other than he served with Ana as an Overwatch operative and we can assume he was known by the other heroes presented. To be honest, we aren't even sure if this guy is still alive.

3. Junker Queen

The Junker Queen has shown up in quite a few stories and places throughout the Overwatch lore. It wouldn't be too far off to look for her as a playable character in the game. After all, we know very little about Junkertown in general. Another character to be added alongside Junkrat and Roadhog could be just what we need to give this location a little more information and a higher standing in the story. She also makes for a great curve-ball since most players are expecting Mauga.

4. Unnamed Agents in "Recall"

We still have a ton of unnamed agents from their portraits that flashed on the screen during the first "Recall" cinematic Blizzard released with the launch of Overwatch. It's not the most likely choice, but if the developers have an issue with type casting like they did when they created Sigma, we could expect a name to those faces sometime soon.

5. That Omnic from Moira's Origin Video

Or any omnic, really. Again, not very plausible, but not something we would rule out. The invidivuals in Moira's origin video trailer sitting in the board room all turned out to be playable heroes working for or with Talon. Why would they throw in a useless omnic character if they didn't have some connection? Sure, the omnic would be the black sheep business investor surrounded by buff, terrifying criminals, but we'd like to think they have a purpose beyond book-keeping.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.