Overwatch Hero Gauntlet is a new game mode available in the Arcade, and it's already run into trouble. Servers are shutting down mid-match because of players leaving, and the community is frustrated. Here's what you need to know.

Overwatch Hero Gauntlet Matches are Being Shut Down by Leavers

Overwatch Hero Gauntlet is a brawl added to live servers with Patch alongside the Anniversary event and the Workshop. The mode, based on a fan creation from the Workshop, is a free-for-all game in which all players spawn as the same hero.

Once they get a kill, they respawn as a new hero, progressing through a set order. When a player gets through the order and secures a kill withe very single hero, they win the game.

The mode has long existed in Overwatch custom games, but its introduction to official channels has been bumpy. Players are reporting that the mode doesn't allow leavers to be replaced with new players. Additionally, once two players leave a match, the match is cancelled immediately, booting everyone back to the main menu.

Despite player frustration, Blizzard has yet to announce plans to change the system.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard