Overwatch Hero Pool: What Heroes are Currently Banned in Competitive?

Overwatch hero pools aim to keep the meta fresh
Overwatch hero pools aim to keep the meta fresh / Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch hero pool is constantly changing in Competitive Season 21 as part of the new rotating system Blizzard implemented to keep the meta from stagnating. You can find all the currently banned heroes here; we'll update this page as each week brings a new round of bans.

Overwatch Hero Pool for April 27 - May 4

The banned heroes for April 27 through May 4 are:

  • Tank: Wrecking Ball
  • DPS: Widowmaker and McCree
  • Support: Mercy

Overwatch Hero Pools

Blizzard introduced the concept of hero pools in a developer update released Jan. 30. It represents a major departure from Blizzard's previous approach to game balance, shifting from a passive tack to a more active, meta-defining one.

"If the thing that the community decides is 'the most egregious' is a 'static meta' and they 'want the dev team to do something about it'… we're going to take steps towards change," Kaplan wrote in a forum post explaining the team's philosophy.

After having implemented hero pools in Overwatch Patch 1.45 for Competitive Season 21, Blizzard remains flexible about the system and is open to scrapping it entirely. Find more information about hero pools here.

Check back each week for an updated pool of banned heroes in Overwatch competitive play.

Overwatch Hero Pools: List of Previously Banned Heroes

March 6-11

  • Tank: Orisa
  • Support: Baptiste
  • DPS: Mei and Hanzo

March 12-18

  • Tank: Reinhardt
  • Support: Moira and Ana
  • Damage: Roadhog

March 19-25

  • Tank: Roadhog and Sigma
  • Support: Moira
  • DPS: Doomfist

March 26 - April 2

  • Tank: D.Va
  • DPS: McCree, Soldier: 76, Sombra, Widowmaker
  • Support: Baptiste

April 2-9

  • Tank: Wrecking Ball
  • DPS: Hanzo
  • Support: Mercy

April 9-12

  • Tank: Zarya
  • DPS: Symmetra and Pharah
  • Support: Lucio

April 13-20

  • Tank: Reinhardt
  • DPS: McCree, Widowmaker
  • Support: Brigitte

April 20-27

  • Tank: Orisa
  • DPS: Tracer, Echo
  • Support: Moira